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Unquestionably the best dreadlock shampoo on the market, Dreads UK Original Formula dreadlock shampoo. Now infused with Nag Champa!

Dreads UK's Nag Champa Fragrance honours the Indian heritage of dreadlocks.
This shampoo will surround you in India's rich vibrancy and many colours of inner peace and tranquillity. Take a journey through the ancient world of the sadhus.

Read below for the full story..    Welcome to India!


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Unquestionably the best dreadlocks shampoo, pioneering the most advanced development in Dreadlocks Technologies. Now infused with the sights and smells if the indian marketplace. Rich floral and woody notes of the oriiginal Nag Champa

Dreads UK Nag Champa Shampoo is the UK's first ever 100% guaranteed residue free shampoo for dreadlocks. It is formulated to clear out at least 90% of residues left by other shampoos with the first wash!

  • Removes residue build up
  • Tightens dreadlocks
  • Keeps Frizz to a minimum
  • Targets flakey/Itchy scalp
  • For use with ALL types of dreadlocks
  • Not dependant on water hardness
  • No animal testing or animal products 
  • No SLS/SLES or parabens

What makes our Nag Champa the best?
After trying all the other nag champa shampoos and soaps available on the market, we decided to custom make one that wouldnt dissapoint. Unlike other products out there, ours actually originates from India. The smell lasts for ages. The rich blend of floral and woody tones of the much loved incense.

The Nag Champa Story - Honouring India
We have been travelling the world, developing fragrances to honor the worldwide cultural herratige of dreadlocks from their multiple birthplaces. Europe, Peru, Egypt, Southern Africa, Caribbean, United States and of course, India.
Each of our fragrances represent one of these marvelous landmarks of our wonderful dreadlock herratige.
Dreadlocks or 'Jata' are worn by the indian Sadhu. The practise of Incense burning is a hallmark of India. It's practise has by the indian Sadhus inspiring
traditions the world over. India is home to the Champaka flower (the heart of Nag Champa scent). A rarely found flower and very rich in smell. 
This champaka flower was once used as the sole ingredient for burning. But with the rarity of the flower, the cost became increasingly expensive. The indian market decided to replicate this scent to make it more accesable to the masses. This became Nag Champa.
In developing our fragrance fo the Dreads UK Nag Champa range, we clung to only the most authentic and original path of the Indian Sadhu. By journeying through india to trace the origins, we were able to carefully contruct the fragrance piece by piece. We give you, Nag Champa!

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