Dreadlock Extensions by Dreads UK

Dreadlock extensionsDreadlock extensions

"Dreadlock Extensions by Dreads UK are the salon standard for luxury dreadlock extensions. Made with the highest quality human hair and hand crafted for excellence!"

Wither you are starting from scratch and are looking for the right extensions for you, or if you have just bought our extensions and need help, you've come to the right place! Here you will find EVERYTHING dreadlock extensions from a step by step guide in selecting the perfect dreadlock extensions, to tutorials and links for purchasing!

Which type of dreadlock extensions do you want/have?
(If you know which you want you can click the images to purchase, or if already have them, move onto the next step!) 

                                                                          Synthetic Dreadlocks                                                                                              Human Hair Dreadlocks    
                                        Backcombed / (Twist Styled)               Crochet (natural Styled)                                                                  Crochet 

                                      Dreadlock extensions Dreadlock extensions                              Dreadlock extensions

We offer both human hair, synthetic hair, crochet made and backcombed and head sealed made. Knowing the difference will help determine the right extensions for you. Here are the pros and cons of each type of extension.

Backcombed (Synthetic Twisted Style)
Dreadlock extensions
Perfect for: - Temparary instillation // Stort term use
These dreadlock extensions are our most cost effective option.
They come in a variety of colours
These are perfect for people considering getting dreadlocks for the first time and
want to get a feel for them before upgrading to our high end range.

Crochet (Synthetic Natural Style)

Dreadlock extensions

Dreadlock extensions