Dry Damaged Hair - Factors limiting or effecting services

Factors limiting or effecting services

Dry hair, bleached hair, brittle or thinning hair, dirty oily hair and scalp issues. These areas should be approached before being dreadlocked.
First you will need to establish what is stripping your hair of their natural oils.


  • The weather – Summer comes with sun exposure. Products with drying properties such as salts or alcohol will dehydrate the hair. Winter, your hair is going through extreme conditions of cold followed by heated indoors. This makes hair dry and parched.  
    Advice - Raw aloe vera or frationated coconut oil applied offers protection.


  • Hormone changes – Birth control pills, pregnancy and menopause all have physiological impacts to the body that has adverse effects on the hair. This includes dryness and brittleness.
    Advice - See your doctor to discuss treatment options.


  • Using the wrong shampoo – Not all shampoos are the same. Avoid product with sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate. Also avoid any soap-based product as these are formed of metallic salts that dry the hair also. 100% Natural/Organic shampoos are often soap based. Read the label and see if its made of mostly oils. This will be a soap based product.
    Advice - You would be better off simply using water to rinse your hair a few times, than using the wrong shampoo when yours runs out. While this is not ideal for cleaning, it will prevent stripping your natural oils with the wrong product that’s not right for you.


  • Daily Heat Drying – Daily heat application strips the hair of moisture. This causes a lot of unnecessary damage that can be avoided. 
    Advice - Aim to keep the temperature setting low.


  • Brittle hair from bleaching – Repeated bleaching can permanently raise the hair cuticle, which creates a rapid loss of moisture. This hair is not ideal for dreadlocks and should be avoided. 



Once hair is damaged, there is no fix. If you still wish to get dreadlocks, cut away the effected area until hair is no longer brittle. You can then attach dreadlock extensions to replace lost length.