Sectioning Dreadlocks

sectioning dreadlocks


Sectioning dreadlocks is really important to get right first time. Just like if you are going to decorate the walls in your apartment, the quality comes from the preparation!

This article will show you how to section dreadlocks like a professional salon to create healthy, easy to manage dreadlocks!

Here is the diagram you will be working from. There are two main patterns, but the one we would recommend is called the 'Brick Pattern' as it is far more accurate and easy to manage.

Brick pattern dreadlocks
When sectioning dreadlocks, always work from the bottom of the hair line and work your way up. You will of course find your own style, but this is a great way to get your started as its very simple to do.

Make sure you take as much time, care and attention as possible when taking your sections. It will make all the difference in the long run!

Another plus point of sectioning the dreadlocks in this way, means as the dreadlocks lay flat, they will disguise the scalp from the layer below.

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