Movies With Dreadlocks Top 10

Movies With Dreadlocks Top 10

movies with dreadlocks top 10

Number 10 - Angelina Jolie - Gone in 60 seconds

In the movie Angelina, know as ‘Sway’. The female blonde beauty with an insane knowledge of high powered muscle cars. is a raunchy, feisty car stealing member of an organised gang, stealing cars and selling them on the black market.

When asking people about what movies they remember people with dreadlocks. This one often comes up. But we’ve decided to put it in last place. Simply because, well…. Im not sure they really qualify as dreadlocks.

If we look closely at Angelinas hair. You’ll see that the hair is actually twisted which is held in place by hairspray or some other firm holding product and not dreadlocks at all.

While twisting and spraying with hairspray will most certainly give the unknown eye an illusion of dreadlocks. Im not sure anyone who wanted dreadlocks would ever choose this option, much less be satisfied with its result.

During shooting the movie, they will have most certainly had to keep retesting and reapplying hairspray as it certainly wouldn’t hold all day. Nightmare for production right?

One thing we can say for sure, is that these dreadlocks are a clear sign that at that time, no one knew how to make dreadlocks or who to go to, to help.

Unless Angelina was terrified her hair would be ruined, but then I doubt the stylist she had knew very much about them.

For this reason, these dreadlocks get number 10.

Number 9 - John Travolta - Battle Field Earth

While this Scientology provoked movie may have majorly flopped at the box office financially and critically, we’ve not put it in last place.

Coming out in the same year as gone in 60 seconds, hair on the wigs look almost identical. Only marginally better hence being, number 9.

If I had to guess, id say it was like the same stylist or at the very least, the same place the stylist went to to get the information for styling them.

In this movie Travolta plays Terl. A psychotic chief of the ruled planet earth. Most of the movie is pretty much Travolta and a few other dread heads laughing….with a few sci fi moments of dated CGI thrown in.

For this move, the wig was the right choice as it stands unnaturally tall above the heads of its wearers, symbolic of a sub human/ Alien like form.

No one would choose this look unless you were going to a fancy dress party and didn’t mind the occasional scientologist shouting “cultural appropriation” at them.

This film is worth a watch, especially as it was regularly referred to as the worst movie of all time.

After the book of Battlefield earth was published in 1983 L Ron Hubberd suggested he’d written 3 screenplays in an interview to Rocky Mountain news. Which one was written with dreadlocks or if any were, we have no idea. Perhaps if anyone watch finds out, you can let us know in the comments.

Number 8 - Bradley Cooper - Hit and Run

This movie didn’t get the best ratings, but the dreadlocks are definitely committed.

Bradley coopers character Alex is an emotionally confused failed bank robber who was sold out by his friend which landed Alex in jail. Later Alex catches up with his old friend and recounts his traumatic experience of jail.

The rest of the movie is Alex being taunted about his ordeal. From the back of Coopers head, it’s clear they are real dreadlocks. 

They look like he had them for at least a month or two and were most likely made by backcombing, then washed, palm rolled and drip dried.

This is obvious by the way they are loose and light but still rigid. Also the tips haven’t matured. 

The body of the dreadlock is pretty chunky while the tips are long and super thin. Dead giveaway to young dreadlocks that were never locked with a locking hook.

The front of his dreadlocks did give me a little giggle. 

It looked like he’d be driving with his head out of the window at 1oo miles an hour. His dreadlocks weren’t mature enough to fall back relaxed, so they’ve pinned back on the side of his head.

The early stages of unlocked dreadlocks when they’re going through the maturity phase are often the most annoying.

Unless your reason for getting them was a kind of anti hairstyle. In which case, it’s exiting.
But thankfully, we’ve cultivated dreadlocks long enough, to know to use a hook if we plan on sticking our head out the window of a moving vehicle.

Number 7 - Gary Oldman - True Romance

Now, unless you are in your 30s or a bit of a film buff and follow writers and directors, then Quentin Tarantino’s True romance might have gone under your radar.

Oldman's character Drexl Spivey is a trigger happy drug dealing gangster pimp who thinks he’s black. Anyone with dreadlocks, just for the fact they like the hair will see this guy and die a little inside.

His character is the archetypal symbol of everything that people mock when they think of a white person who thinks they are black. It’s ok, you can have dreadlocks without changing your accent and religion. But in Drexls case, it fits the bill.

Looking closely at Drexl’s dreadlocks, you’ll notice that the roots are very bushy and don’t move as his dreadlocks move. So unless they are extensions fixed into very badly backcombed roots, its pretty safe to conclude …it’s a wig.

Probably a good thing most scenes are either dark, or he’s wearing a hat.

The actual body of the dreadlocks aren’t fully formed and look quite loose. This at least gives some movement in the dreadlocks when he moves his head and compensates for the lack of movement around the roots.

As far as wigs/extensions go. The creator has pulled it off in this case. But wither that’s cause the dreadlocks are any good, or because it’s a stellar performance on the part of Gary Oldman, I’ll let you decide.

Number 6 - Justin Theroux - Zoolander

Zoolander is a hilarious film about the world of male modelling.

In this Movie Justin Theroux plays and Evil DJ who is the catalyst for Ben stiller character ‘Derek Zoolander’ to trigger a hypnotic state and assassinate the milasian prime minister. 

The main scene where the dreadlocks are shown off is a Breakdance fight between the Evil DJ and Owen Wilsons character a male model called ’Hansel’

The Evil DJ makes a second appearance in Zoolander 2 and on the day of the premiere, turned up in full attire. This gave us the best close up to see the wig in its full glory!

Therouxs dreadlocks are an obvious wig, but we love how they’ve managed to have fairly mature looking dreadlocks with both fat and thin dreadlocks. 

It even looks like they got some Congos in there. Something rarely seen in dreadlock wigs making this one totally unique.

You’ll also notice that even the DJ’s beard is dreadlocked. Awesome!

Number 5 - Jack Black - I know what you did last summer

If you are a fan of slasher movies, then its likely you’ll know this series well.

Jack blacks character is the stereotypical stoner. While not all people with dreadlocks are drug taking hippies. It’s ok, we understand why the need to give him dreadlocks. Just don’t think we’re all like that!

We can show too much from this movie as slashers movie footage isn’t family friendly, but you can guess.

As for the dreadlocks tho, this dreadlock wig is pretty right and lifeless. However, visually if it were a still photograph. I think event we’d been fooled into thinking they might be real.

Its actually a pretty good effort in making them look like actual dreadlocks as shoulder length. They look like one of my first sets of dreadlocks in the first year of maturity.

If you ask most dreadheads im pretty sure they went through this phase of dreadlocks. Where they were too short to tie up but mature enough to resemble dreadlocks.

When you got brand new dreadlocks in the 90s - 2000s it was a long wait for them to look like dreadlocks and not like sideshow bob. These ones look like they’re actually credible and get a pass.

Although dreadlocks can look so much better when done for real, as far as wigs go, this dreadlock wig gets a thumbs just about up.

Number 4 - The Matrix - The Twins - Neil And Adrian Raymond

This is a movie about a computer hacker that discovers the reality that life is not what it seems. It’s a rabbit whole of information that even had people in the real world questioning their own reality.

If you haven’t seen this move, we’re not saying any more, as the less you know now, the more you’ll enjoy this movie.
If you have seen it, you know exactly what I mean.

In this film, these to pale faced deadheads known simply as ‘The twins’ are pretty freaky. But as far as their dreadlocks go. They are are pretty smart and neat. 

Before looking closely at them, you might be tempted to conclude they are very mature well made salon dreadlocks. But wait… that’s a very quick look at a lot of fast moving images.

Only when you get a close look, do you actually see that they are wrapped hair.
Wether there are actual dreadlocks underneath the wrap is unknown. But it’s possible.

As they are made with the Raymond twins actual hair, they move naturally and look like genuinely cultivated dreadlocks on a quick glance. Perfect for the fast action shots.

But the moment you get a slowed down close up. You can see they are wrapped with not a single loose hair in sight.

If I had to guess, id say they were made with synthetic hair and then head sealed. The blunted wrapped tips are what give this away.

But all in all, a great effort as they are so well presented.

Number 3 - 10’000BC - Camilla Belle

This is a must see movie for any lover of dreadlocks

It did take a big hit from critics, but those of us in the dreadlock world LOVED this movie.

The film is basically about a tribe of dreadheads, not too dis-similar from the original Dreads UK community project years ago…..if we live 10’000 years ago and hunted mammoth. But we can still be seen roaming a festival or two.

It’s a classic lovers tail or woe and overcoming obstacles to be together. 

In this one, Guy meets girl, girl is kidnapped by slavers along with the rest of the tribe, leaving guy behind.
Guy rallies tribes from around the globe to fight together to free their people.The all stand together against a tyrannical eastern God and save the day. But not before shouting ‘…….’

It’s difficult to pick a single character to focus on as they all have dreadlocks.

One thing that’s great about this movie portrail of dreadlocks tho, is it’s attention to detail.

You can see that all the dreadlocks on each character are very unique, which for historical purposes, looks very much like it would have done before the days of shampoo and cultivated dreadlocks.

Even the young characters have young looking dreadlocks and the older ones have more mature looking ones. This is very closely representative of historical approaches around the world where dreadlocks were a right of passage. Their visual representation in one of the tribes in Peru for example were a sign of a warrior. So this make total sense.

That said, the young dreadlocks look pretty tidy and ‘made’ rather than neglect. But even so, it absolutely works for the film.

Evolet played by Camilla Belle is the typical dreaded hottie that anyone that is attracted to dreadlocks would go for. But don’t get your hopes up just yet.

In an article published by ScreenerTV, when asked about the dreads, Camilla Belle says

"They were really fun actually! A lot of us would really change out of our wardrobe & just keep the wigs on for an hour in our normal clothes just to kind of feel like –- oh –- this is what it would be like to have dreads! But 6 months of them was fine. They were quite heavy, I have to say. It was a wig –- a pin-on -– that was blended in every day."

Number 2 - Jason Momoa - Stargate Atlantis

This one isn’t strictly a movie, but so many of you mentioned it, it had to go in. Momoa was introduced in season 2 episode 3 and has been a permanent fixture ever since. - To get a feel for momma’s character, it is easily summed up by this little golfing clip.

After Momoa was cast in the film, the sci fi channel objected to him keeping his long heavy 6-pound dreadlocks.
However, the hair soon became a signature of the character.

With his introduction in Season 2 episode 3, momoas dreads look obviously natural freeform. Particularly as they are so thick and chunky. A tell tail sign and an obvious choice for a tribal warrior type look.

When Momoa decided to cut his dreadlocks off (with the producers permission) after the completion of season 4, he was still required to have his hair sewn back on for at least 3 episodes, until there would be a scene when ronin cuts his hair in the episode ‘Broken Ties’.

According to Momoa, it took 9 hours to sew his hair back on for the beginning of the fifth season.
But wearing it like this was too painful for him to continue working
Meanwhile, the sci-fi channel overruled the decision for him to loose his locks even tho the scene had already been filmed.

It then got cut. (Excuse the pun) so he was eventually give a wig that some say cost $10’000 that he wore for the rest of the season.

Dreadlocks are clearly a huge deal with performers and in their career. With stories like this becoming increasingly so, I wouldn’t be surprised, if they are included in contract deals in the future for onscreen roles.

We’ll close with a final question from Momoa. Answers in the comments below.

Number 1 - Johnny Depp - Pirates of the Caribbean.

Although his dreadlocks aren’t real, this guy is perhaps one of the most influential dreadlock characters of today. We don’t know how many full time dreadheads he’s influenced, but his goofy, fun character has over run cosplay, fancy dress and impersonators worldwide.

Who else could take 1st place than Captain Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp - Pirates of a Caribbean

We all know that its a wig and not real dreadlocks, which made this a confusing option wither to give it first place or not.

The headband and accessories added, masks the areas you would be able to tell as they could very well have been very strategically placed. The whole set up looks so good, some people with real dreads have taken on the persona full time.

This loveable trickster was modelled on guitarist Keith Richards by his clothes and apparently his 3 sheets to the wind disposition. Although, we don’t know how they reached the decision he would have dreadlocks. But we are glad they did.

But perhaps the biggest reason we love captain jack is his trip into the real world when his went to visit cancer patients in a Vancouver children’s hospital.

It’s rumoured there is a 6th film in development. So we could be seeing more of captain jack very soon.