Justin Beiber Dreadlocks

'Justin Bieber Dreadlocks'

One hour ago, it emerged that Justin Bieber dreadlocks just happened
No, its not a prank!! You heard it here first. Its not even on google yet!!!
justin bieber dreadlocks

2 hours ago justin bieber had his first set of dreadlocks installed.

BUT, before we get all carried away on the issue of cultural appropriation, lets just say that we know they're definitely not the best dreadlocks we've ever seen.

I know i know, not all stylists are all that... "specialised", you can clearly see the extension join. But, as its justin bieber, im sure this will become a wicked trend and a look to go for, either now, or in a few years.

NOW, just think how many black people in america must fuming after the "cultural appropriation" attack on last weeks white victim. Im sure justin bieber will have a torrent of abuse for this. But from all of us here at Dreads UK. BIG LOVE for this justin.

Dreadlocks are multicultural and based on multiple reasons. While some do it for the religious or spiritual reasons. Some just love the look. Some of the dreadlock 'natural purists' will be having a fit right now. But let em.


1-0 for dreadlocks culture id say.

justin bieber dreads


Have a beer from me. Thank you justin bieber dreadlocks, thank you!

BEFORE YOU LEAVE, don't let his dreads put you off. Here is what new dreadlock extensions should look like!

dreadlock extensions

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