Have short hair and want dreadlocks?

So you have short hair and want dreadlocks!

You dont have to wait for your hair to grow to have dreadlocks. There are a number of options you have at this stage of having short hair. If you have short hair and want dreadlocks, here are your options!

There are three types of options ahead of you, but your hair must be of a minimum length of 4 inches!

The first option (and our recommended option for the best results) would be to have your 4 inch hair dreadlocked and then add 'Human Hair Dreadlocks Extensions'. These are available in either 10 inch long or 20 inch long dreadlocks and a variety of colours. Many of these we have in stock and ready to ship, but some we do not hold and will make custom orders specifically for your design requirements. These are crocheted to a flawless finnish so you have perfect dreadlocks from day 1! These can be installed as permanent or temporary.

human hair color ring
The second option is synthetic dreadlocks made from Kanekalon fibre. These are made in the same way as the human hair dreadlock extensions but are a slightly cheaper option to using human hair.

crochet synthetic dreads color ring


The final option are backcombed synthetic dreadlocks made from KK fibre. These are backcombed and then twisted and head sealed. This is a more cost effective way again, but a very different look and finnish to natural dreadlocks.

short hair want dreadlocks


The first two options can be installed both permanently or temporarily depending on your desired effect and purpose. The final option of twisted style dreadlocks are designed for temporary install tho can be removed and reused.

We offer a wider range of these and would be happy to discuss your needs and working with you to make the dreadlocks that are perfect for you! Get in touch using our contact page and one of our representatives will email you right back with full details and options. Alternatively, just CLICK HERE and fill out the form!

5 thoughts on “Have short hair and want dreadlocks?”

  • Tracy

    Hi I have shoulder length hair and have always wanted to have dreadlocks so would love to try these could you give me prices please thank you

  • Beatrice

    Would like permanent extention dreadlocks black for an african. I have short hair over about 4inch..i live in Taunton... would request a cost of buying the actual 100% human hair and the cost of attaching them

  • Beatrice

    Looking for permanent dreadlocks black 100% human hair

  • Rachel Welsby

    Hey I have 40 human hair dreads that I want permanently installed. I've attempted it soooo many times on my own and keep failing... Please help.. Do you know anyone in the UK that I can go to? Preferably have them come to my home?


  • Chris Stone

    I have male pattern baldness but wondered if anyone makes dreadlocks hairpieces, thanks...

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