Get Lint Out Of Dreadlocks

Get Lint Out Of Dreadlocks

Get link out of dreadlocks"I've been told i have build up in my dreadlocks and that it may be mold or dread rot!" 

First of all, don't panic! The first thing to check it the smell of your dreadlocks. If the dreadlocks smell like wet dog or damp stale laundry, then you'll need to consider a deep cleanse as this will most likely be residue build up which can lead to mould and dread rot. BUT, if your dreadlocks don't smell, yet you are noticing little bits of fluff, dust, lint, then read on!

This article will tell you how to 'Get Lint Out Of Dreadlocks' AND how to prevent it happening again. But first, we should explain what lint actually is, and how to tell it apart from build up and mold.

What is Lint?

Lint shows itself as small pieces of fluff that come from tiny short fibres, which separate from fabrics such as cloth, bedding, jumpers, T-shirts, towels ect... and accumilate to build up as small pieces of fluff.

It's most commonly found when you empty the filter of a tumble dryer. It is also common among men as it collects in the belly button, from clothing through out the day.

Below is an image of lint from a tumble drying air filter.

lint in dreadlocks


As dreadlocks act like a net, it catches these fibres and lint begins to appear. Lint is not dirty and doesn't pose any serious risk to the health of your dreadlocks itself. But it isn't very aesthetically pleasing as it can give the mis-represented image of dreadlocks being dirty.

WARNING : - If you are using a regular shampoo (not a residue free dreadlocks shampoo) then lint will merge with residue build up and can result in mould. You can tell if your dreadlocks have gotten mouldy if after washing, they produce a 'wet dog' type smell. Similar to damp laundry left overnight.

How to prevent lint build up

You can buy lint free items made from fabric know as 'micro fibre' to protect your dreadlocks. Anything what rubs against your dreadlocks will be likely to build up. So replacing those items with a micro fibre alternative.

Here are some of the things that you might consider replacing with microfibre


How to Get Lint Out Of Dreadlocks

There is no simple way to remove link from dreadlocks entirely. Some claim rinsing your hair in Baking Soda may help. However, baking soda will not break down these fibres as the fibres themselves are not made of dirt but fabric.

The only way to actually remove lint is to actually pick it out piece by piece. There are two options for you here.
The first and the most easily done, is by using a crochet hook.
Scan the dreadlocks looking for the effected areas and delicately pick out the lint with the end of the hook. This is time consuming but by far the easiest means.
The alternative way is brushing out your dreadlocks until the effected area has been completely removed. Then you can pick out the lint with your fingers. Once all the link is removed, you can re-dread your hair back into a dreadlock.


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