How to get dreadlocks

how to get dreadlocks

How to get dreadlocks

How to get dreadlocks in any hair type!

Staring dreadlocks from scratch, you will need:

We recommend you start with washing your hair with Dreads UK Original Formula at least 1 day before you begin locking your hair. This is because it has everything your hair needs to guarantee it locks well and healthy.

Now you have everything you need to get dreadlocks started, take these easy to follow steps.

    1. Wash your hair with dreadlocks shampoo. Make sure it is residue free. Then let your hair air dry naturally.
    2. Section your hair into small square sections (diagram and video below). Approximately 1 inch squared.
    3. For each section, use a rubber band to keep each section separated so that no hair spills over.
    4. Check all sections have equal amounts of hair in each section. Make sure all sections are neat and tidy because if you get hair into other sections, it's harder to correct later.
    5. Starting from the bottom of the head, remove one of the rubber bands to open one section. Use your comb to backcomb the hair.
      Start about 2 inches away from the root and push the hair towards the scalp. Keep back combing within 2 inch sections so that it will keep control over the size and thickness of the dreadlock, and therefore give you full consistency. (diagram and video tutorial below).
    6. Use a locking hook to sculpt your dreadlock and pull in all the loose hairs. A properly crocheted dreadlock will give your lock a flawless finish from day 1. (Video tutorial below).

Tutorial videos

How To Section Dreadlocks

Backcombing Dreadlocks

Using a locking hook

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Why do you only recommended this method for getting dreadlocks?

  1. Washing your hair with residue free dreadlock shampoo.

    Regular high-street shampoos contain additives like 'Added Moisture', 'Added Shine', 'Added Volume' because they are aiming to achieve a look. Some say 'For Dry Hair', or 'For Added Shine'. These additives coat the hair in product to achieve a look which is not good for dreadlocks because these additives cause build up. Furthermore, products with high volumes of foaming agents cause build up. This is because foam is a leave behind product. A properly formulated dreadlock shampoo should remove all these additives, wash our any left behind residues and perform well in all water types.

  2. Sectioning hair

    Preparation is everything! Very much like in painting and decorating your home. Most importantly, you must prepare the walls by removing blemishes, marks and inconsistencies. This is all for giving the perfect finish. In the same way, we want to make sure there is an equal amount of hair in each section. This is because preparation is everything! Make sure all sections are evenly aligned. Take care that as you make the dreadlock, you are making them in even thickness, otherwise you will get inconsistencies.

  3. Rubber bands dreadlock sectioning

    Because we want to make the best, most long lasting and easy to maintain dreadlocks, it helps keeps all the hair from other sections out of the way. This is especially important if you are adding dreadlock extensions. You always have the option of using clips if you prefer. Besides the actual making of dreadlocks, this is just a helpful pointer.

  4. Equal amounts of hair for dreadlocks

    Equal hair is primarily to maintain consistency and a clean finish. It keeps dreadlocks matching in thickness. and therefore serves well as a guide for how thick your extensions are. Generally dreadlock extensions are all the same thickness therefore, you will want to match them with the dreadlocks you are creating on your head. If you wanted to add extensions now, or later on. This will give you that option.

  5. Starting at the bottom

    Beginning at the first layer at the bottom of the scalp is the easiest way we've found because you can see how the dreadlocks are laying as you move up the layers. You may find a more comfortable way that suits you.

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