Dreadlocks Cost How Much

how much do dreadlocks cost

How much do dreadlocks cost?

How much you can expect to pay for dreadlocks.

For the dreadlock cost, professionally made dreadlocks, you can expect to pay between £300 - £400 by top stylists. Or we can teach you to do them yourself for free. Obviously, the quality and cost will vary, depending on your choice of stylist and their experience. Top stylists will guarantee top quality and assurance of healthy locs. While getting a friend or someone super cheap could result in problems now, or later on. Here is how to work out a minimum to expect to pay for enough experience to get a minimum good standard of quality.

To know what dreadlocks cost for you and the best quality for your money, you will need

  • Rubber bands
  • Sectioning Clips
  • A Tail comb
  • A Calculator
  • Google Search


  1. Take your local minimum wage and divide it by 3. Someone with very little experience will likely make 2 or 3 dreadlocks in an hour at minimum quality.
  2. Section the area you are wanting dreadlocks using a tail comb and clips. Hold the remaining hair away also using sectioning clips.
  3. Divide the area you want dreadlocks into 1 inch by 1 inch sections, using rubber bands to hold each section in place. This will give you the number of dreadlocks.
  4. Multiply the number of dreadlocks by the cost per dreadlock from step 1.

Example of Dreadlock cost with a trainee/apprentice stylist

Example: - Based on what a trainee / apprentice stylist would be paid by a salon.
Uk national minimum wage is £7.38. Divided by 3 is £2.46.
£2.46 multiplied by 40 (someone who wants 40 dreadlocks) is £98.40

The total cost for 40 dreadlocks being made on the client would be £98.40 and would take 13 hours.

(note - This would not include use of a salon premises or any care products or treatments.)

For someone just starting out, you would expect the above to apply. Anything less that that, you can almost guarantee there will be problems with the dreadlocks, either right away or in the future. This is because people with little to no experience won't have any experience in pricing the job. Anything under this will highlight their lack of experience.

Why is it only an approximate cost?

There are a number of variations that occur in every client. These things include

  • Hair thickness
  • Hair density
  • Size of surface area
  • Hair texture

All these things will add or reduce the timeframes for making each dreadlock. This is also where experience helps. An inexperience stylist will not be aware of how these changes will effect the final result.

For example, the hair thickness and density will mean the size of the section will vary. If the hair is very thick, you might have smaller sections to create a dreadlock depending on the thickness the client wants. If the texture of the hair is incredibly soft and thin, the sections may be larger. It may also mean a texturising agent might be necessary to lock the hair.

Cost of custom made extensions


Use your tail comb to section the area you want dreadlocks. Then create inch by inch sections using a rubber band to hold each section. Smaller if your hair is very thick and dense. Slightly bigger if your hair is very thin. Note the number of sections. This will be your 'Number Of Dreadlocks'.

  1. Human Hair or Synthetic hair.
    Go online and search for the name of the hair you want. If you want synthetic, search 'Synthetic Hair Weft'. If you want human hair, search 'Human Hair Weft'. Make a note of the price. Prices vary on length.
  2. Number of packs of hair
    Calculate how many packs you need by how many sections fit in the area you will want the dreadlocks. One weft makes approximately 15 dreadlocks on average. 

The Minimum You Can Expect To Pay


How it is priced


The costs to produce dreadlocks are from 3 main places.

  • Cost of materials
    This price changes based on length of hair, number of dreadlocks, thickness of dreadlocks. Also the quality of the hair.
  • Charge of time (hourly rate)
    This price changes depending on how long it takes to make, package and post them.
  • Postage Cost
    This varies depending on the shipping method.

Human Hair Dreadlocks

We will base this on 18 inch long hair because that's the most common for home-made/custom orders. For human hair, a pack of hair costs around £40. With a pack of hair, you can usually get 10 - 15 dreadlocks, depending on the thickness of the locks you want.

It is worth noting that with 18 inches of hair, you loose length when locking the dreadlock. From 18 inches of hair, the dreadlocks will likely be around 12 Inches

For anyone with minimal experience, you should expect 1 dreadlock to take 15 - 20 mins. 3 - 4 dreadlocks per hour. So, take the minimum wage rate of £7.38 divided by 4, then times by 15 is £27.67. Add that to the cost of materials (human hair) gives you £67.68 for 15 custom made dreadlock extensions.

£4.51 per 12 inch dreadlock 

Note:- Cost increases with length of hair

Synthetic Hair Cost

If you search of synthetic hair extensions online, you will see a variation of prices. The average cost is around £4.49 per pack. With synthetic hair bundles, you can make 20 dreadlocks.

For someone with less experiences, this will take 5 hours or more to make 20 dreadlocks. The minimum you can expect to pay at minimum wage is £41.39 for 20 dreadlocks. £36.90 (hourly rate) + £4.49 (Cost of Materials)

The way to work out the bare minimum you can expect to pay is time + cost. To know this, look at your countries national minimum wage. In the UK this is £7.38ph for a 21 year old.
This is what we would expect for an apprentice/trainee stylist per hour.