Dry Dreadlocks Fast

The fastest way to dry dreadlocks!

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Dry Dreadlocks Fast!!!
It is important to not leave dreadlocks wet for too long. Increased duration of wet dreadlocks can lead to bad smells and mould, which resembles the smell of leaving wet laundry in a washing machine. Its very unpleasant.

The faster your dreadlocks dry, ultimately, the better condition they'll remain. This article will tell you the fastest way to dry even the thickest dreadlocks in as little 1.5 hrs with little to no effort needed.

The first thing to consider when you want to dry dreadlocks fast is having a good dreadlocks specific shampoo. Normal shampoos cause all kinds of problems for dreadlocks, they build residues and increase the drying time. It might be helpful to read our post on how to get rid of residue.

Ok, lets get started, for this you will need:

  • a comfy sofa
  • a micro fiber towel
  • a 1200w+ halogen heater (£10-15 online or from poundland)
  • A plug socket
  • Some entertainment (tv or lap top is nice to pass the time)
  • A nice hot cup tea of coffee
  • your phone and TV remote to hand

Step 1 - 'Whipping'

Now you've washed your dreadlocks, the first thing you'll want to do is shake out all excess water by 'whipping' or 'flicking' your dreadlocks either into the bath or against a towel. This will force all the excess water to the ends and out of the dreadlocks.

Step 2 - 'Space Prep'

Put the kettle on first, it will be boiled just in time!

You will need to gather everything together to set up a space to relax, so you don't have to move. Clear a space on the sofa to lye down and fold the towel over the armrest to hang down off the side of the sofa. This is where your dreadlocks will rest as you lye on the sofa.

Plug in your halogen heater and position it so that it points towards the side of the sofa. Make sure the towel covers the sofa from the glow of the heater. This will protect your sofa from heat and begin to heat the towel. The heater wants to be positioned approximately elbow to fingertips in distance away from the towel.

Pull a table close (arms length) to the sofa if there is one available. Then get everything you need so you don't have to move while you're relaxing on the sofa. Get your laptop, TV remote, phone and if you're going to watch a dvd, get it set up ready to hit play. At this point just as a personal preference, its nice to light candles and incense.

By now the kettle should be ready, make yourself a cosy hot drink. Place the drink on the table next to your set up and have one last whip/dread flick to relieve the remaining excess water as it will have run to the ends by now.

Step 3 - 'Enjoy'

This is the best bit, if you have dreadlocks fragrance sprays, now is the best time to add a layer of fragrance mist to your dreadlocks. As they dry, the scent will work its way through the dreadlocks.

Now you're ready! Take position and lye down on the sofa. Hang your dreadlocks over the arm where the towel is, so they are spread out and positioned between the towel and the halogen heater.

You're dreadlocks are now drying. Press play on your favourite TV show, movie or just enjoy the peace and quiet as you relax.

Once your dreadlocks are dry, if you have your dreadlocks fragrance spray, one last spray for your dreadlocks and they'll smell amazing as well as healthy and light!

...and thats it! thats how you dry dreadlocks fast!

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