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Welcome to the dreadlocks forums. Here you'll get access to the most active dreadlocks forums online today with over 20'000 active members.

Forums in general have changed now and so have the dreadlocks forums. Since facebook has become the most active place on the internet, the activity on niche website forums have dropped. This is why we now have both our own forum AND our facebook group version of our dreadlocks forums (where most people are active).

Before you CLICK HERE for the facebook dreadlocks forums or CLICK HERE for the classic style Dreadlocks Forums please read this guide before posting. The reason being is that forums have a lot of active people with a lot of different ideas. This guide is to ensure everyone feels welcome, at home, able to express themselves whilst giving consideration for others.

dreadlocks forum


Everyone is welcome, whether you have dreads, had dreads, want dreads, make/work with dreads, or just love dreads.

This group is for sharing or asking anything about dreadlocks, dreadlock related topics and dreadlock lifestyles. Share your dready photo's and video's and ask away!

If you are new here is a document that will offer everything you should need when starting out. There are links that cover and support all your FAQ's about dreadlocks https://www.dreadsuk.com/blog/

We accept ALL styles, methods and types of dreadlocks including free form/neglect, rip'n'twist, backcomb, crochet, extensions, wool, synthetic, twists and everything in between.

If you feel the urge to be rude or disrespectful of another group member, leave, its that simple. No posts regarding skin colour!

Constant arguing or personal provokes will not be tolerated either. Please consider this if you've been referred to this pinned post. One warning then banned. If you see something, report it!

Reporting posts is so simple and makes the group as a whole, the better for it. We are a community and us admins rely on your reporting to keep on top of it. Without it, we just don't see everything. This doesn't mean this group is a negative one, it means you have equal responsibility in reporting them as anyone else.



Feel free to advertise ANYTHING 'dreadlocks related', but no spam. If you want to share products related to dreadlocks. They MUST be SLS and Paraben free, 100% residue free and NO palm oil or derivatives of palm oil as it is a major player in deforestation, animal cruelty and climate change.

We only promote dreadlocks products that are healthy and positive for both hair and environment. Please research your products BEFORE posting to prevent people buying some nasty stuff.



Having dreadlocks means we are stigmatised with the notion that we all smoke weed. This appears to be a 50/50 split so there will be posts about weed.

For those of you that are PRO-weed
Please don't plaster weed posts everywhere, go through the page to see if there is an existing post about weed and comment on that rather than starting a whole new thread. This means that people that don't want weed all over their news feeds dont get. Its just consideration for others.

For those of you that and ANTI-weed
This groups focus is about dreadlocks but there will naturally on occassion be a weed post. If people stick to the 'single-thread' concept, it should be easy enough to block it out from your news feeds.



No one here wants to be indoctrinated with someone else's faith. Most are spiritually inclined and happy to find their own way. Express your spiritual journeys and considerations but as soon as a post is considered a religious debate it will be removed instantly and without warning.

For getting involved in religious discussion, please follow this link and post there instead http://dreadsuk.com/forum/spiritual-religious/



Please remember that this is the internet. By posting anywhere on facebook groups, pages ect.. people will reply, some will send friend requests and some might even pm you in response to your post.
We admins can't monitor pm's or fr's and if you get messages from unsavoury characters, there isn't a thing we can do unless we are told. However, if you don't like strangers adding you and messaging you, the answer is simple. Go into your facebook settings and only allow friends to message you. You can also restrict people adding you to friends of friends.
If in the unlikely event you get a 'Dick Pic', screenshot that little sucker and let one of the admins know so we can remove them from the group!



Dealing with these are easy and effortless, simply report post and block them.

For some unknown reason, some people have nothing better to do with their sad pathetic lives than seek to upset people for no reason other than their own amusement. If you see or feel anything un-necessary, don't make a whole new public post about it. Simply report the post and block them. We'll be notifed and remove them from the group accordingly. This stops the trolls getting more attention than they deserve and doesn't give any focus in our beautiful group to negativity.

On occasion, spammers slip thought the gaps too. feel free to report the posts so we can remove them also.

Reporting posts is so simple and makes the group as a whole, the better for it. We are a community and us admins rely on your reporting to keep on top of it. Without it, we just don't see everything. This doesn't mean this group is a negative one, it means you have equal responsibility in reporting them as anyone else. The dreadlocks forums are a community!


NDR - Not Dread Related POSTS
Whilst we don't want to place restrictions on posts that aren't dreadlocks related (for example 'how old are you', 'are you single', 'where are you from', 'who has pets'), we are a dreadlocks group and the focus is supporting people wanting dreadlocks, sharing dreadlocks timelines, tips, tricks and the like.

If you want to post pics of pets, dinner and other discussions, please scroll thought the page and look for an existing post on that topic rather than posting a new one.

This will mean the group doesn't get clogged up with un relevant posts.

In addition to this, its worth being a part of the dreadlocks forumhttp://dreadsuk.com/forum/ this is where you can literally post anything and everything. Its the central hub for the whole community.

If you see the group getting clogged with NDR posts. please either refer people to this pinned post or kindly direct people to the forum. Try not to flame down other members or use it for argument. A simple and kind nudge in the right direction is all thats needed.

Where we are all from, where are you from?

people, click link for everyones links and post your own.

For gatherings, hangouts, events ect.. see What Happening

For flirting, relationships, sex and naughty talk see Love Sex Relationships

For posts on Pets/Animals see.. Animal Welfare

For sharing music, your own or someone elses or descovering new music, see Music http://dreadsuk.com/forum/music/

To see the full list, just visit http://dreadsuk.com/forum/



With 3 children, a start up business and a documentary in the works. Certain priorities take first attention. Other admins also have children and jobs. If you are requesting anything about the running of the group, please be patent as we have lives too. We endeavour to attend to issues as soon as humanly possible. We are people the other side of this screen!

For posts not allowed on facebook, visit the dreadlocks forums on

Love and Fluff
Elijah and the admins

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  • Jeffrey

    Hey, I had a under cut and let it grow out and the top is at about 10inchs and the sides are about 5-6 inches now as a white male I want know if it's culturally acceptable to wear dreads, yes I get it's much more then a hair style and that it's had symbolism in black culture for 1000s of years but I also know that Vikings wore dreads, Asian emporers wore dreads and so many other tribes and cultures, I also would like to know what a good length to start dreads would be? And what kind of things should I expect after getting them! Thank you!

  • Simon

    Hey I want to have dreds but I live in Skegness and can’t find anyone to do my hair, can someone please help me?


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