Dreadhawk - the dreadlock mohawk


 Dreadhawk - The Dreadlocks Mohawk

Dreadhawks are just like making normal dreadlocks with a few extra considerations. Read on...`


Considerations for dreadhawks

The main things you want to consider when making a dreadhawk are which order you are going to do it. Ie, shave sides first or make the dreads first. The second is your sectioning of the dreadhawk!

If all the hair is the same length and you havent made the dreadlocks in the dreadhawk (dreadlock mohawk) section yet, then you should shave the sides first before making them. This makes it much easier to make the dreadlocks and means you wont get any stray hairs into the sections that you dont want.

Alternatively, if you have shorter sides already (an already sectioned mohawk) then start with the dreadlocks so you dont end up cutting the hair that is supposed to go into a dreadlock.

Dave's dreadhawk day 1

Three years ago dave came to see us at bearded theory festival where we made his dreadhawk. The dreadlock mohawk below shows it when it was first made.

971001_458213874264258_1234256995_n (1)

3 Years a dreadhawk

As you can see, its just as regular dreadlocks, kinda fluffy when new. Dave had a couple of existing dreadlocks we worked around. 3 years later and no maintenance, dave came in for a tidy and a shave. See below

dreadlock mohawk


Considerations for dreadhawk tidyups

Again, you want to consider shave sides first or make the dreads first. Id say make the dreadlocks tide first as it will make cutting easier.
Also take plenty of time and care in your sectioning as the two sides of the dreadhawk will be very on show and highlight any mistakes. You want it to have a perfect finish with a perfectly straight line either side.

Here is it complete after 3 years and only one tidy up

dreadhawk dreadlock mohawk

2 thoughts on “Dreadhawk - the dreadlock mohawk”

  • Jacki Thomas

    Hi Elijah, i love this look on him. but i tried it and i hate it on me. my sides are finally growing out they are about an inch now, but being a woman its is really hard to upkeep this look. i am glad i tried it but now i got at least another 2 months before the sides are long enough to do new dreads = ( but life is a journey as dreads are. Love your Drealock page on Facebook i am a member.
    Peace and Love,
    Jacki Thomas
    Boston, MA

    • Rajesh

      it depends on your hair type .if you have kinky(sometimes caleld nappy) hair it would happen within a matter of days if your hair was wet and never combed or brushed. If you have straight or what some say is stringy then the hair would constantly need to be teased to get the tangle effect. You should not wash that particular strand if your hair is naturally straight because the water will only make the teased kink release. That is why you wouldn't want to wash it right away until the tease turns to tangle, which turns into unmanageable which turns into a dread. Just so you know, once you get a True dread you have to cut off your hair if you ever want it back the old way it can't be combed out. The twist that they do in the salon that have a dread like appeal can be combed with alot of time .But a Whoopi Goldberg type dread can not.

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