Dreadlock Education

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The Dreads UK Academy is specialist training programme and space. We are equipping students to unlock their full potential. This exiting and infectious fringe movement is sure to inspire and excite. It is time to equip a new generation of stylist, but no longer on the fringes.

Our course takes the student on a journey, beginning with the building blocks. We demonstrate a variety of techniques, looking at the core structures of modern dreadlocks innovation and design.

The Dreads UK dreadlock course includes :-

  • Theory
  • Philosophy and History
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Practical Sessions
  • Diagram Training
  • Written Exams
  • Lectures

At Dreads UK, we truly believe in opening all the doors and unlocking new innovation in the hairdressing world. Educating our students how to break the barriers so they are thinking forward to new horizons is our aim.

We have education and training courses to suit all ages, levels and experience. From those that come from an existing salon background, to people with no previous experience at all. Because innovation can come from the most unlikely of places!

Our highly qualified training specialists will be on hand to guide and inspire. With many years of in-depth knowledge, we focus on giving plenty of one to one time with our students. It is this factor that enables us to draw out of each student, their individual flare and creativity. Because with each student comes new horizons.

Our passion at Dreads UK, is to teach our students the current trends of the industry. To expose them to developing ideas.

Modern contemporary hairdressing is hungry for new design. The dreadlock culture is a vibrant new and exiting direction. The Dreads UK academy is the revolutionary first step of bridging that gap. It is the fusion of modern technical skill and artistic creativity that we seek to impart.

The History Of Dreadlocks