Our Shampoo is the Best Shampoo for Dreadlocks

Unquestionably the best dreadlocks shampoo, pioneering the most advanced development in Dreadlocks Technologies. See what our users have to say..

Why is Dreads UK Original Formula the best shampoo for dreadlocks? it is the UK's first ever 100% guaranteed residue free shampoo for dreadlocks. It is formulated to clear out at least 90% of residues left by other shampoos with the first wash!

  • Removes residue build up
  • Tightens dreadlocks
  • Keeps Frizz to a minimum
  • Targets and soothes flakey/Itchy scalp
  • For use with ALL types of dreadlocks
  • Not dependant on water hardness
  • No animal testing or animal products 
  • No SLS/SLES or parabens
  • Fragrance free
  • No palm oil 


* Removes Residue Buildup - What is Residue and why does it matter?
High street shampoos and many of the (poorly researched) so called dreadlocks shampoos are designed to offer moisture, shine, thickness, heal split ends, the list goes on. This is done by adding additional agents in the shampoo to coat the hair for its respective remedy. Dreadlocks do not respond well to these agents and lock in the residues making them difficult to wash out. These residues build up and make dreadlocks take an extended time to dry. Residue buildup can be spotted in dreadlocks when you notice a white fuffy/powdery appearance. The result in dreadlocks is a nasty odor and eventually mould. Dreads UK Original Formula removes all these agents clearing 90% of residues with the first wash. With no un-nessisary agents, it maintains perfection for residue free dreadlocks. (For excessive built up see, Baking Soda + ACV wash)
*Tightening Dreadlocks - Keeping Frizz Minimal - How does it work?
The popular belief is that adding drying agents like salt, lemon juice and the like should tighten dreadlocks. Whilst this is technically true, these agents cause irritation to the scalp and are of minimal tightening benefit. They manipulate the hair to encourage knotting rather than trusting the hair to develop and dread naturally. Rather than using additional drying agents, Dreads UK Original formula is developed to take the hair back to its natural state. Removing 'all' un-nessisary agents and coatings on the hair, allowing the hairs natural formation to take place. It's by embracing the hairs natural state we see the dreading process mature and tighten your dreadlocks faster then any agents can. This is the same for frizzy dreadlocks roots. 
*Targets and Soothes Flakey/Itchy Scalp
When irritations from drying agents and harsh toxic chemicals like SLS in other shampoos occurs, many people add to these agents by using opposing agents to compensate. Dreads UK Original Formula doesn't add to the problem by using an opposing remedy agent, nor provide a healing medicine or treatment. Simply by our formulated cleaning, removing all un-necessary additives and agents that caused the irritation, Dreads UK shampoo restores your hair to its natural state, resetting your scalp to its default.

*Why should dreadlocks shampoo be fragrance free?

fragrances when added to shampoo, change the molecular structure of the shampoo that then requires additional preservatives. These preservatives are one of the top causes for residue build up in Dreadlocks. For this reason, dreadlocks shampoo should 'not' have fragrances added. For great smelling dreadlocks see our 'Scent Mist Spray' range.

*What are SLS/Parabens?

SLS otherwise known as sodium lauryl sulphate is a surfactant. Its the main detergent used in most shampoos that have been linked to cancer tumors. It is absorbed by the skin and eventually liver. It has been said to be in the same family as battery acid, which is why we use a sustainable alternative.

Parabens are preservatives that have been added to prolong the shelf live of many shampoos on the market. These parabens mimic oestrogen and have lead to all kinds of problems with the body. Always seek a paraben free alternative.

*Whats so bad about Palm Oil?

The Palm Oil industry is a major contributor to animal cruelty, deforestation, climate change, habitat degradation and indigenous rights abuses. The World Wildlife Fund said "Global production of palm oil has doubled over the last decade. By 2000, palm oil was the most produced and traded vegetable oil (FAO 2002), accounting for 40% of all vegetable oils traded internationally. By 2006, the percentage had risen to 65%". Some companies claim to have "sustainable palm oil" after its exposure in a struggle to win back favour. All health food store we know of reject any use of palm oil and so do we. 

*Is Dreads UK Original Formula Vegan?

There are strictly NO animal products in our shampoo! 

Dreads UK Original Formula has been formulated to finally offer the dreadlocks community a dreadlocks shampoo that actually does what it says without compromising on our health and ethics. Try it now to find out why Dreads UK are leading the field in dreadlocks technologies.