About Dreads UK

dreads ukHaving spent over 10 years in the dreadlocks industry, we know the frustrations for the lack of quality products for clean, healthy and vibrant dreadlocks. The constant mistakes from online misinformation and the lack of understanding from many of the existing channels, has left people disillusioned, giving up on the beautiful journey that is Dreadlocks altogether.

Dreads UK is a development of the dreadlocks community itself. Its 100k strong following, dedicated to providing only the most essential of dreadlocks technologies. For the first time ever, you now have access to fully researched, consumer developed products, that give you the upmost confidence for the heath of your hair.

Please take a look at our blog for dreadlocks history, education and everything you need to be fully informed in your dreadlocks journey.

- Our Story -

in the early 90s there was no exposure to helpful healthy dreadlock technologies in the UK to the common person. Skills of the trade were handed from dreadhead to dread head from a travelling showman, or new age traveller passing through a fruit farm, earning his keep by picking. Much of what we learnt in the early 90s were myths. The majority being incorrect information. I can attest to those mistakes back then myself.

In 2001 i began a hairdressing appreticeship in a small salon, then moving over to Toni & Guy upon my completion. Although the hairdressing course was incredibly helpful with standard hair salon practice and techniques. There was no education in dreadlocks available.

After seeking out others with dreadlocks, picking up as many different techniques as i could, i began to finely hone my skills. Combining my experience with Toni & Guy and my apprenticeship gave me a unique experience rarely held.

I never intended Dreads UK to be a business, but a community project. It was never about profit, but bringing people together. This has always been my dream and vision. To build one another up and encourage small business developements.

Our aim with Dreads UK is to reshape the way dreadlocks are seen. No longer are they seen as dirty, smelly an unkempt. But a thing of beauty and vibrance for ones own unique expression. We aim to redefine what having dreadlocks means for a high end, salon grade standard like no other. 

With our industry having gone unregulated for so long. Leading to so many horror srtories from 'Cowboy Stylists' wrecking peoples hair. We've had our fair share of patients to fix from other stylist poor work.

We search the country far and wide to bring you ONLY the best stylists, the highest quality products and the healthiest long lasting dreadlocks.

We are now developing our fully accredited Dreadlock Stylists course with our partner salon. Soon to be launching to the public for 2019.